No More Mr. Nice Guy Machiavelli

Last week was rather difficult in the family home, with an extra person and an extra flatful of furniture to accomodate. So for a couole of days Little Nicky, chasing a record month for hits, resorted to a few cheap jibes at Government malfeasance rather than going for the usual withering expose of The Facts They Don’t Want You To Know.)
Perhaps because of this the blog earned its first comment from a New Labour activist. Remember New Labour folks, the bogus brand this neocon shower sold itself as? “New Labour, New Logo, Old Thatcherism.”)
But our New Labour visitor was not happy with what he read, oh no. Little Nicky Machiavelli’s blog is not on message (“message” being Blair is not Bush’s poodle but a brilliant statesman who weilds enormous influence over the American administration, the Iraq war is a resounding success and has liberated that country from tyranny so they can beging building a western style democracy, Blair’s enlightened policies have solved the crises of law and order, education and inner city decay, Gordon Brown is not a bent accountant cooking the books to hide the massive hole in the economy but a financial wizard and but for those nasty doctors and nurses Labours healthcare by box ticking would have solved the NHS crisis too, resistance is futile, you will be assimilated.”
Yes our visitor from the New Labour camp wants intellectual debate on these lines.
If anybody actually belives any of that they have the mindset of a doorstep evangelist.
But our visitor’s comment concluded by saying that the cheap, tablod style opinions of the blogosphere are unworthy and we should all get back to informed debated.
Informed we guess by New Labour’s tabloid owning paymaster.

Little Nicky will make you regular readers a promise. No more Mr. Nice Guys, the gloves are off and we are out to expose this shoddy gang of shysters for the liars and crooks they are.

BTW how do you know when New Labour MPs is lying – their lips are moving. Just thought I would throw in a cheap, shoddy tabloid style one liner, paraphrased from the New Labour house journal.

5 thoughts on “No More Mr. Nice Guy Machiavelli

  1. Fantastic, I do like a little New Labour bashing:) I just don’t see the point of that style of politics at all. It’s air. It’s believing in nothing.

    God bless xx


    1. They are more like corporate managers than leaders. Everything is some sterile compromise bathed in a load of eyewash to conceal the reality that nothing is really changing.


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