Big Gordy’s Plans For Poor Pensioners

Gordon Brown has many times promised action to deal with the pensions time bomb. People assume this means he will do something to relive the plight of hard up pensioners whose retirement funds were decimated by the Governments plundering of their pension schemes. It is always dangerous to jump to conclusions.
On the back of Brown’s latest blether about the poor pensioners comes a revelation that the Polonium Chancellor is planning another raid on pensions funds to help cover up the hole in the economy his crooked figures can no longer hide and to ensue funds are available to cover the bungs, graft and payola promised to CEOs of Private Finance Initiative partners.
So how can big Gordy lie with a straight face about his plans to end pensioner poverty. Unless of course upping the payouts is not what he has in mind. Given the fascist tendencies of New Labour anything is possible but what we suspect is a so very Machiavellian even Little Nicky Machiavelli is shocked. Have you noticed those big, grey, windowless boxes going up on the outskirts of towns, the ones with sinister looking flues next to them?
Could the be the “shower blocks” of new leisure centres for the elderly and poor?

It would certainly solve the problem and even taking into account recent hikes in the price of gas, the cost is hardly a consideration.

(If you are thinking Little Nicky is being rather hard on the Prime Malefactor in waiting, I believe this man has sold his soul to the demon of Blair’s legacy, so great is his ambition. There is not a milligram of moral fibre or a sliver of socialist principle visible in any of his speeches or essays.)

12 thoughts on “Big Gordy’s Plans For Poor Pensioners

  1. Your so critical of New Labour but surely Gordon is the lefts saviour;if not, how far left do you feel governments in this country should go.
    Its easy to be critical but altenative arguments on Blogs would be of greater interest rather than wind bag statements that we could all find in the Sun.
    I have witnessed deeper arguments in puddles.
    Alternatives are healthy so lets have some.The Margaret Becket slagging is very boring-alternative?
    To keep this wonderful Blog invention relevant and interesting lets keep the self indulgence to a minimum.You may be suprised how enlightening it could all be.


    1. And you would be surprised how unread blogs that attempt to get into serious territory are.
      So as it was New Labour’s paymaster Murdoch that led the charge to anti intellectualism spare us the New Labour angst over the fact that people will think for themselves and not believe everything we are told by proven liars and hypocrites and that we inyellectuals are much better at the tablod techniques than the Labour supporting tabloids.
      Sorry for being acerbic and waspish in a much more entertaing way than Blair’s cohorts could manage against the Lib Dems when they were perceived as a threat. Let’s face it, their wit was a tad akin to a gorilla swinging a sledgehammer.
      Who slagged Margaret Becket? I merely made a joke based on Nye Bevan’s defence of the nuclear deterrent. But then as someone commented on something else, Labour supporters have absolutely no sense of humour.

      Can I ask a question? When were blogs in general interesting and relevant. It has always been acknowledged that 99.9% of web content is pure unadulterated dross. Here and amomg my friends you will find a cache of diamonds in the dunghill but even we higher beings have to descend to shoddy populism to maintain our audience.
      Much as Blair constantly descends to shoddy populism to try to hold onto office.
      Sorry, but you asked for all that. If you want highbrow argument read the Guardian like I do. People come in here for fun.


    1. Thanks WCG, what the previous commenter forgets is that sometimes we go a little over the top for comic effect. I mean who would read me if I just produced page after page of detailed economic analysis.


  2. You’re right about Brown. The guy’s an egotistical arse who’ll obviously stop at nothing to get to the top AND to falsify his economic figures by putting nothing aside for the support and welfare of the massive ‘boomer’ generation which has just hit the ripe old age of sixty. Contrary to popular belief, a high proportion of us boomers don’t have nest eggs stashed away in Swiss bank accounts.

    But you’re wrong about blogs. Your figure of 99.9%, like New Labour, is way too conservative.


    1. I have learned enough of Brown’s plans in the lasdt two weeks to have come to the view that this man must be stopped from ever becoming Prime Minister. He is actually to the right of the Bush administration on economics and would drag Britain towards a totally unviable version of U.S. free market economics.


  3. Thank you.
    99% is unadulterated dross.That was the point!

    My current project is the building of a Multi Media site to feature verse, prose (fiction and non fiction,) writing on travel, art, nature, and philosophy all available in Audio, Video and text. Its a big job.

    I wish you luck.You write well.


    1. Well leucippus, here’s a little education from one who knows about such things. To build my multi media site successfully I have to attract traffic. And to do that I have to have popular sites linking in to my central site. Now understanding the Google page rating algorithm is fast becoming a branch of science in itself. But twenty-odd years as an IT consultant equips me pretty well to hack it. So you see whatever I say at Boggart Blog or Machiavelli is nothing personal, its just business.
      But I do truly hate “New” Labour. The hypocrites destest those members of the working class who try to better themselves even more than old Labour did. And as I proved in a Machiavelli post titled “The Rich Man In His Motor Car” a few weks ago, Labour were always more conservative than the Conservatives.

      I’ll get back and read some of your blogs soon. They look interesting but a little heavy.


  4. I really don’t want Gorden Brown as the next PM, but I really don’t want any of the other parties’ possible alternatives either. What do I do?

    Hermit (the perplexed)


    1. Well I have commented before in various blogs that its oerhaps time we took up pitchforks and cudgels and advanced along Whithall. Its the traditional British method of dealing with tyrants and usurpers.


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