Its not the size of your majority, its the size of your weapon.

Over at Libertarian Musings they asked why on earth we need to replace Trident as the deterrent will never be used. The answer is simple.
Its basic anthropology, you see it is not about security, its about status. In the world of big time politics your status depends on the size of your weapon.
Now Bush has the biggest nuclear arsenal, check out that walk. Shoulders back, arms spread, hips thrust forward, he’s saying “oi, shut your mouth and look at the size of my weapon.”
Blair can’t match him of course but he still wants to walk wih a bit of a swagger so he needs a decent sized weapon to show off.
The leaders of nations like Luxembourg of couse just have to creep around with bowed heads and hunched shoulders hoping nobody notices them.
Its all very paleolithic in nature. Of course evolution and wearing trousers has deprived our leaders of the ability to grow big red arses so they have to do the next best thing

7 thoughts on “Its not the size of your majority, its the size of your weapon.

  1. I thought this when Kim Jong-Il revealed his massive weapon to the world. His whole nature is that of a man who is completely uncomfortable with the way he is.

    He’s short so he grows his hair in a perm and wears platform shoes to make himself look taller.

    Nobdoy was taking him seriously they were bullying him and being mean. Now he’s whacked his huge weapon on the table and proved his manhood, everybody’s taking him seriously.

    Now he can sit back and let them marvel at its beauty.

    But at the end of the day its not size, its how you use your weapon that counts as Mr bin Laden proved in 2001.


    1. If only the same applied in relationships then perhaps politicians would be at home doing to their wives and mistresses what they are trying to do to the world. (that joke supplied by The Old Ones Are The Best Ltd.)


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