Life Saving Drugs Can Kill You

Our old friends in the pharmaceutical industry are feeding us material again. BigPharma cartel leaders Pfizer are pulling a new drug that was billed as offering a way to cut deaths by heart attack and artereo – sclerosis by reducing levels of “bad cholesterol.”
Clinical trials were ended abruptly when it was revealed that against 51 deaths in the control group, in the group taking the new drug which bears the sci-fiesque name torcetrapib (yes, a close relative of the character Peter Kay played in Dr. Who) 82 people died during the period of the trial. That is a pretty spectacular failure even by drug trial standards. We could even say the drug almost qualifies as a weapon of mass destruction.
As well as dealing a blow to Pfizer’s stock market valuation the news also deals a blow to those eager young medics who have been earning megabungs from the BigPharma cartel for debunking “alternative health.”
By now almost everybody must know that the best way to keep your arteries scrubbed clean is through regular, moderate exercise – a twenty minute walk twice a day is enough, and by eating more vegetables, pulses and whole grains. And MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL avoid processed foods such as refined sugars and starches and hydrogenated fats.Click the link to read The Food Poison Industry by Michael St, Mark.

If you are really keen you can use natural (wine or cider) vinegar which makes delicious salad dressings and also enjoy a slurp or two of wine a day (sheer torture that.:))
Its much more fun and the only people you are hurting are the shareholders in drug firms.

3 thoughts on “Life Saving Drugs Can Kill You

  1. Ta for the mench’ Ian. It’s prompted me to write the “cheese update” I’ve been meaning to do for a while now (not quite as boring as it sounds).

    Jeezus H. Christ with a noose round his neck after taking Seroxat! Those poison chemical cosh cocktail drugs giants’ executives – why don’t they ever get the Polonium spray on their sushi?

    The devil looks after his own, that’s why.


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