Keeping The Holy Books Out Of Politics

Theres an interesting post at Pandangon today about a Muslim recently elected to the US Congress who wants to swear the loyal oath on the Koran rather than the Bible.
As one would expect the American religious right are up in arms about it.
But why?
As one of the commenters points out the U.S. Constitution says that the oath is to the American republic and only requires that the person giving it raise their right hand and say “I swear to uphold the Constitution and laws of the U.S.A.

So why the fuss? Well because there are elements close to government within the US who would make that nation into a one religion state. And if they are not opposed now we could see civil war in the U.S.A. within a decade.

And then we would really have to crap ourselves about Weapons Of Mass Destruction.

One thought on “Keeping The Holy Books Out Of Politics

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