School Dinners With Jamie Oliver

The kids are rebelling against Jamioe Oliver’s new healthy menus. Ultraconformists, schoolchildren have rallied to reject Jamie’s menus since they saw the TV news item of pie and chips being smuggled through the school railings.
Who would want salads this weather? Only a public shool pratt with a mockney accent and a tongue too big for his mouth.
Give the kids stew, shepherds pie, steak and kidney pud. What good will Omega 3 fatty acids do while the poor little mites are dying of hypothermia.

God Save America

Little Nicky was astounded to hear on radio this morning, during a chat about the American elections, a fundie minister telling conservative christians to forget war, climate change, the debt crisis, the China crisis (they’re not short of crockery, the entire country in in hoc to China), third world poverty and everything else.
The only issures that matter in this election, he said, are abortion and gay marriage.

While people like that have any influence, us unbelievers have to say.
“They’re fucked, they’re fucking fucked.”

Let’s hope the American electorate do come to their senses and vote to abort the era of the morbidly stupid.