New A Level Grade Announced

The Prime Minister, having for years strenuously denied that A level examinations are getting easier today announced a new grade higher than the A grade as everybody gets a grades just for turning up.
The A* grade, to be awarded we guess to pupils who score above 110%, is just the usual New Labour ploy of covering up their cluelessness by doing something utterly irrelevant in order to be seen to be doing something.
The most significant change announced in the speech is that the International Baccalaureate qualification, so far not used in the British education system will be introduced.
The International Baccalaureate is mainly used in private, fee – enterprise educational establishments where it is accepted globally so that rich folks can move from tax haven to tax haven without having to worry about their kids education suffering.


Is this the preliminary hint that The People’s Party intends to privatise education after it has finished with health, roads and The Bank of England?

Remember, you read it on Machiavelli Blog first.

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