Is Your Goat Properly Labelled.

Labelling a Goat is a serious business and not enough people are aware of the complexities of the task. Which is why the Government needs to issue 45 pages of instructions on Goats: the labelling of.

For more on this and other examples of bureaucratic insanity read the full story here

5 thoughts on “Is Your Goat Properly Labelled.

  1. The book could have been entitled “1001 Wacky Ways To Get Your Blood Boiling”, published by the same right wing media types who would be screaming that our goat labeling is inadequate if ever mad goat disease ever broke out.


    1. Mad goat disease is a non sequitur. Have you ever known anyone who owned goats. Goats are mad, its not a disease its their nature. If it looks like a goat that is all the label it needs.
      Sorry for the rant but do you know how much a new seat for an MGB costs? Never leave the ragtop down when there is a goat around.


      1. I knew somone who used to own goats in Jamaica. She was mad.

        I didn’t know what an MGB was but thanks to the wonders of Wikipedia I now know it’s a car but it didn’t tell me how much a new seat is.

        I already knew what a goat is.

        I think a toga is a country in West Africa


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