Will Blair Be Banged Up?

Its looking good.

Head over to Guido Fawkes blog to read a copy of a letter sent by the Met. Police guy leading the cash for honours investigation. In it he let’s Downing Street know he is not impressed with their polanting rumours that leaks are coming from his team.
Its a great read for anyone interested in justice.

3 thoughts on “Will Blair Be Banged Up?

  1. Canute tried trickery and succeeded – there’s nothing new, and I would be very surprised if the outcome of the enquiry ended up with anyone substantial being ‘banged up’. Wait for the scapegoat routine, then you will see expert Machiavellian antics as work.


      1. Pity he is long dead – he’d have revelled in the scenario that is unfolding and would, probably, have been right in the middle of it, participating, then passing the buck.


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