5 thoughts on “Shameless Bankers

  1. I agree with you. It seems the less you have, the more you have to pay.
    Post offices also were a good community ground. They knew when Mr S had’nt been in for his pension, someone whip round and check his ok.
    Now they have to try and introduce other things into their ‘shop’to ensure that they still reamin in place.


  2. I agree too. I disagree with having to pay for accounts et al. It’s bad enough that you don’t get any interest unless you have a balance of £1000 on the day they calculate it (well, you get like 2p). What are we supposed to do? Hide money under the mattress? I was very tempted at one point, trying to find a decent bank. I’m with the Co-Op which is the closest you can get to a decent bank…

    God bless, Jenni xx


    1. Hi Jenni, you’ll be surprised at my reply to Sussie’s comment. But I grew up in a Shropshire village and despite the family being townie bohemians, the village chuch was involved in many aspects of life that the killjoy tendency in Christianity frowns on now.

      But I was going to ask if you knew why we get those risible interest payments on our current accounts> Actually its a Thatcherite, Inland Revenue sponsored ploy to allow the revenue to look at our bank accounts. They can’t look at any non – interest bearing accounts you see.
      So the law was tewakeds so Mr Big Money can get his cash offshore or find other ways of laundering it while Mr or Ms Ordinary Hard Working Type can be quizzed very unpleasantly about the few grand they won on the lottery.

      Life’s a bitch innit?


      1. You sadly don’t surprise me on the banks:(

        I think you’d like my church at home – St. Francis Valley Park. Definitely could not be accused of killjoy behaviour:)

        God bless xx


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