Stealing From The Poor Box?

It sems the American government, ever anxious to advance the cause of war on poverty – sorry, I mean war on the poor, is lobbying Downing Street in support of megaPharm’s efforts to have the NHS market opened up to unbridled competition. The American Paharmacutical giants do not like our quaint Olde English way of having drugs evaluated by independent experts before they can be launched on an unsuspecting public.
“If we say our anti cancer drug works then who the eff are you to question us?” is the line. Of course the patients may die of heart failure after a few weeks on the drug, but that provides evidence of the drug’ efficacity, after all the poor sods will not have died of cancer will they.

The line being ppeddled by the White House (and swallowed hook line and sinker by the money grubbing scumbags of New Labour is that marketisation will increase “choice” and thus benefit everybody.

Now haven’t we heard that before?

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