New Labour’s Technology Lies

I live in an area surrounded by hills.
Until the introduction of Digital, T.V. reception was always reasonable. Last night, a windy, rainy night BBC1 & ITV were fuzzy and flickering on analogue and the freeview signal had broken down altogether.
Now I used to work in computer communications and could easily explain why this happens, although my former colleagues who worked with radio, radar and microwave could get into much greater detail.
Basically the problem was created because of Blair’s determination to get us all to go Digital as quickly as possible when actually the network infrastructure was not and probably never can be up to the job, (Ye cannae change the laws of physics Jim!)
Typically, advice from independent technical experts was ignored and “government advisers” wre hired to provide assurances that everything was hunky-dory.
Strangely, because I know Blair to be such an honourable public servant he would never involve himself in mendacity for the benefit of big business
(what? taking irony too far? well maybe, but bear with me.)the total cock up with the digital changeover can have obly one result. We will all have to buy access to TV from Sky. And that will pave the way for breaking up the BBC.
Blair’s legacy? A sort of British Third Reich I guess.

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