NHS Accountans must be called to account.

An ex nurse, Pat Robinson has won a high court judgement against The National Health Service Trafford Primary Care Trust which had acted illegally in closing hospital wards in Altrincham General Hospital. Ms. Robinson acted independently and risked bankruptcy to fight this crime which was inspired solely by the Government target driven culture.
On the same day it was announced that the Accident and Emergency unit at Burnley General Hospital will close and all emergencies in the area will be dealt with by the new superhospital at Blackburn. Well its only a few miles from Burnley to Blackburn, another fifteen minutes maybe. But wait.
The catchment area for Burnley General stretches north to Slaidburn and other villages in the Ribble Valley and East to Barnoldswick, Trawden and Thornton in Craven (look em up in your Atlas if you are interested.) By the time an ambulance gets out to these places and back to Blackburn it will be getting on for an hour if the response is very quick.
Now I used to live on the east (Burnley) side of Accrington and when I was haemorrhaging into my brain the time differential between getting to Burnley or Backburn was crucial. I survived literally by a few minutes.
The same kind of thing is going on all over the country and yet this week the Lib Dems have been mealy mouthed on the subject of the Blair/Brown philosophy of Government by financial targets.

Next time you have the opportunity to vote ask youself are you really prepared to lose a loved one prematurely because of the crimes of a corrupt government and their crooked lackeys?

And let’s get out on the streets, backing people like the former Trafford nurse. Let’s chain ourselves to railings, blockade the car parks (the management car parks) support the strikers, refuse to respond to bureaucratic requests for information, do not pay fines, ignore parking restrictions (get yourself an angle grinder and a battery booster with AC inverter and you need never worry about clamps again) be obstructive in any way you can.

They Can’t Put Us All In Prison.

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