Oh Say Can’t You See (whats staring you in the face?)

We should never underestimate the ability of Americans to shOot themselves in the foot. The hymn chosen for yesterday’s wrath laying ceremony at Ground Zero TO COMMEMORATE THE 9/11 DEAD was the unsurpassably inappropriate ” The Son Of God Goes Forth To War.”
The lyric starts off like this:

The Son of God goes forth to war,
A kingly crown to gain,
His blood red banner streams afar,
Who follows in his train.

It then goes on in the same vein for several more verses. Now call Little Nicky a namby – pamby appeaser if you like but I would have thought that is just asking for trouble. Its a bit like slapping your enemy’s face with your golve and then unzipping your pants and pissing on his boots.

So are we surprised to hear on this morning’s news that the U.S. Embassy in Damascus is under attack?

All together now,

2 thoughts on “Oh Say Can’t You See (whats staring you in the face?)

  1. You know I read your post about this hymn. Not sure if you understand the historical significance of this Hymn. It’s been sung a great deal in times of loss and war by the British Empire and it’s subjects. It peaked really in
    WWI and is often played as a march. It’s really about Christ going to the cross in a war of faith. Not really a “namby pamby” sort of tune to those in the military esp. those in the British Army and it’s often played in “buck up” and fight situations and for honored dead or in reverance. Hope this helps.



    1. Well I know there are always various interpretations of these things, but one of my favourite poems is Wilfred Owen’s Dulce et Decorum Est which records the true horror of war and exposes the “old lie” of Christian nations that it is a good and noble thing to die in war.

      You have to remember that in Owen’s war (1914 – 18) young men were told it was their patriotic duty to march towards enemy machine guns certain death while pious hypocrites who held Bibles prayed that God would reward them for doing their Christian duty by receiving them into heaven.

      So any Christian hymn is inappropriate to honour the victims of war because Christianity is an evil, hateful religion that glorifies war, siffering and death.

      Sorry but that is my take on the issue and the more people try to tell me I misunderstand, the more entrenched my position becomes.


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