Things Can Only Get Worse

Things get worse by the day.

I heard this morning of a carer who was booked for parking while helping his disabled wife into a medical centre for treatment. Appeals to the local council involved and to the local (Blairite loyalist) MP brought the usual “we can’t help, rules are rules” responses. The offence of allowing the disabled badge to drop out of sight (easy enough on days when there is the slightest wind) was compounded it seems by the fact that the specially adapted vehicle had parked with a wheel on the yellow line of the bay.

On the same news bulletin I learned that police still haven’t a clue as to the wherabouts of the convicted murderer who walked out of an open prison a few days ago.

Its time we started the revolution brothers and sisters.

3 thoughts on “Things Can Only Get Worse

  1. I agree.
    A police force who are either powerless ir too lazy to address major issues, yet take the easy option on making government money!
    I saw the article today about the woman who life had been made a misery by yobs, dared to speak out and finds herself landed in court!


    1. I know a guy who used to ride a powerful motorbike in a very responsible way (he was cavalier with speed limits but only where it was safe) fter years of being harrassed by the police when he was not breaking the speed limit he developed a theory that they’re like mustard if you park badly or go slightly over the speed limit but are not really interested in drug dealers etc. who might have guns or knives or baseball bats with nails through them.


      1. I agree, the motorist has become the easy target. I also think that seeing as the CPS throws out most cases the police can’t be aresed to bother catching them!


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