Gagging for it

Little Nicky has many American friends (the free thinking, liberal kind of American) and they often invite me to get into debates on issues of religion, free speech and The War.

Always rational debate is curtailed by the inane rantings of a group of religious right, neo-con ignorant bastards who will not ever concede that anybody who diagrees with them might actually have a point.

This led Nicky to have a nose around press and media websites reporting American politics to see whats going on. What I found should scare the free world shitless.

Check out how the religious right are gagging various secors of he American community at these links.

America Sliding Into Dictatorship
Silence in Class – The Gagging of the Academic Community

So much for their talk of free speech and freedom of thought.

2 thoughts on “Gagging for it

    1. You don’t get rude ones on Machiavelli. Boggart Blog is rude in the sense of insulting people. Try Sensual Reading for sexy rude and also be patient because I am trying to get my multi media site up and running. When it is I will feature a section on erotic writing (I’m hoping to be aided and abetted by Carla Dodd, former editor of U.S. mag erotique which was sunk by the tsunami of puritanism that followed 9/11 .


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